Goodwood Motor Circuit
PO18 0PX


Saturday 19th
Sunday 20th May 2018


£45 Weekend Camping tickets
£10 each day in advance
£15 each day on the gate


Tickets - We'll be sending the first batch of tickets out before the end of April. Last date to purchase camping/weekend tickets will be 30th April. Last date to purchase advance day tickets will be 12th May.

Please note camping/weekend tickets will not be available on the gate. Day tickets will be available at £15 per person.

Club Deadline - New clubs can register until 30th April. Cars can be added to club stands up to a week before the event 12th May.


Bringing all that is great about our legendary Retro Rides Gathering event, adding a bit of Goodwood magic and a sprinkle of new ideas. Get excited, it is going to be amazing.

We're bringing something absolutely new and unique to the show scene in the UK; curated themed paddock displays, point to point sprint track action, awesome invited vehicles, clubs, retro parking, great food, traders and more yet to be announced. Combine the relaxed atmosphere with the diverse nature of Retro Rides events, we think this is going to be one of the best car events in the country.

Our themed paddocks cover a range of cars from some of the most outrageous race cars ever built to classics of the British customising scene, and through to those crazy folks and their lowriders. The full spectrum of what we love about retro car culture is here for you to enjoy.

As we always say Hot Hatch to Hot Rod, Racer to Road Car, Drifter to Daily at Retro Rides we blend it all together. This time into a delicious weekend of car action on 19th and 20th May at Goodwood circuit, don't miss it!



Central to The Weekender are the three paddocks at Goodwood; we'll be filling them with curated themed displays. Kind of like a temporary museum.

  • Street Machine - Past and Present

    Covering the history of Street Machine magazine from its launch until now with its recent relaunch. We'll be bringing in old feature cars and the current crop of some of the finest customised cars in the country. Pivotal to the UK modified car scene Street Machine cars influenced a generation of car builders and can be seen as the start of our beloved retro car scene. Expect hot rods, 'out there' customs, and the guys from Back to 89 VWs coming together to make one of the most interesting selection of cars you'll see anywhere this year.
  • Special Saloon and Modsport racers

    Some of the most spectacular cars ever to grace a circuit, from the legendary Baby Bertha and Chevy Beetle, through Thundersaloons and into the current Wendy Wools sponsored CSCC series Special Saloons and Modsports have been providing incredible entertainment and amazing builds since the 60s. We'll have one of the largest collections of Special Saloons assembled in one place for the last twenty years or so, covering off the whole range from current competitors to legendary cars that haven't been seen out for many years. Not only will you be able to see them in the paddock all weekend, but on the Saturday they will be taking to the track for two demonstration sessions. This is not to be missed.
  • Lay N Play Lowrider Display

    The Lowrider scene in the UK has been around since the 80's, it has always been a small group of people, but over recent years it has started to grow and grow. The range of cars has grown too. The Lay N Play guys will be bringing along a full set of lowriders from the classic Impala and Monte Carlos to the more unusual European type builds with Ladas, Mercedes and Hondas all represented. There will be hopping demonstrations, some three wheeling action and all the good times you expect to associate with this really fun group of cars. Check them out and find out how easy it is to get involved.


We will have camping available from 3pm Friday through to Sunday evening. On the Saturday evening we will have screens showing films, food trucks and a bar, as well as our (in)famous 'tat' auction for charity (trust us it is the most fun you've ever had with a Welsh man and a pickup truck). We have showers, toilets, and actually friendly security people. So come and join us for the whole weekend.


On the Saturday we'll be running a point-to-point sprint from the pits, around the full circuit and back to the pits. This will be pre-booked and we'll ensure as diverse a range of cars as possible on track. Pre-booking details can be found here : http://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/202804/goodwood-weekender-track-activity-thread.

We will also have track action from one of the curated paddock displays, in two 20 minute sessions during the day


On the Sunday we will be turning the track over to club displays and retro parking. For clubs we would like stands to be pre-dominantly pre-95 cars; whilst there is some wiggle room due to manufacturing dates and the range of cars in a club we won't be letting anything post Y-reg through the gates, so keep that in mind.

To book a club stand fill out this form https://retroridesevents.com/ClubEntry. At the end of the form you will recieve a club code. You can pass this on to your club members so when they fill out this form https://retroridesevents.com/CarEntry they can put it in the Club Id field.

We will be sending club passes to the club organisers at the end of April; we will enable further editing of the forms as well as feedback on how many cars you have booked in etc. over the next month or so. This is a new system and is developing as we are using it, but it should ensure fewer mistakes and lost information that can happen with emails


If you aren't part of a club but want to have your retro car on display, then we've got you covered as well. Fill out this form https://retroridesevents.com/CarEntry with your details. Space is limited on Saturday to about 300-350 displays cars, on Sunday we have more room. This isn't an 'application', space is first come, first served. Our show is about the diverse range of cars, from your retro daily to world beating show cars, and everything in between. Come and be part of the melting pot.


If you are intrested in trading at Retro Rides Weekender or need a bit more info, fill out this form https://retroridesevents.com/TradeEntry and we'll be in touch.

Are you interested in making a bigger splash in the Retro Scene? We are also happy to talk about Sponsorship packages at weekender@retro-rides.org