Classic Touring Car Racing Club Paddock

Since 1974 the CTCRC have been running championships for the racing of classic touring cars. At its inception this meant cars from the fifties and early sixties, as time has moved on so have the classes available. Now CTCRC host eight different championship that span from its original pre-66 touring cars through to pre-2003 touring cars. Alongside the touring car classes are the Classic and Historic Thundersaloons and the Blue Oval Saloon Series for a variety of Fords. Their wide mix of cars and accessible nature really goes hand in hand with the ethos of Retro Rides and we can't wait to have them at the show.

Expect to see cars taking to the track as well as looking pretty in the paddock. If you fancy getting involved yourself the team are friendly to chat to and will be around to answer questions. Or if you just want to go and see them doing a full race day their calendar will be available at the event.


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