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When are tickets being sent out?

We are planning to send tickets out two weeks before the event, along with any passes that may need to go out.

When is the last day to buy tickets?

Deadline for advanced tickets is Friday 8th May 2020

Where can I buy tickets?

Head to store.retro-rides.org for all your ticket purchasing needs.

Can I display my car?

If you have a pre-98-ish car then yes you can. Space is on a first come, first serve, basis and will be booked through our events system, which is currently getting some updates before we put it live for our 2020 events.

What do you mean by "pre-98-ish"

We're aware that a hard date cut off is difficult for the retro scene, and we're also not in favour of a rolling "x number of years" type system, currently we're pre-98 focussed, however we are aware that some cars straddle that line. Your best bet is to book the car in and we can check through and tell you if it falls outside of what we're thinking. Definitely nothing with "modern" style number plates.

Can I get on track?

Yes you can! Assuming you have something pre-98-ish to do it in. Track booking will open in late March 2020 with full details of requirements and format of track activity on both Saturday and Sunday.

What is the deal with camping?

Standard camping is open from 3pm on Friday until Sunday, if you don't purchase a Sunday evening extension. We have a bar, food, games and the legendary auction on Saturday evening at the Super Shell building. We try and have the campsite as a laid back affair for catching up with friends, talking cars and all that good stuff.

Can I come both days without a weekend ticket?

Yes you can, you'll need to purchase individual tickets for the Saturday and Sunday entry.

Can I arrive on the day and pay?

You most definitely can, it is £20 per person, with 16 and unders going free.

Can I arrive on the day and display?

On the Saturday maybe, if we've not booked up all the available space in advance you can turn up in something pre-98-ish not booked in advance and display, however space is tight so you are better off booking. Sunday more than likely, we use the track as an overflow for retro parking and there should be space available, however pre-booking is also advised in case we have to cap numbers.

Do you have press passes?

We do, however we're waiting for our updated events system to be online before releasing any of those.

Can I bring my Caravan/Campervan/Trailer tent?

You can indeed, you may end up parked along an edge of our camping field, just in case we have some inclement weather, it makes it easier to move you, and easier to organise the rest of the camping.

Can I trailer my car?

You can, but it MUST be pre-booked, we have a trailer park area, but space is limited.

I want to tell my friends about this event, what is the best way to do it!??

Word of mouth is how our events have grown and we REALLY appreciate people taking the time to spread the word. #retrorides #rrw2020 #retroridesweekender all seem to be suitable ways to help talk about us on social media.

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